Asime has been a Collaborating Center of the Public Employment Service since 2001, developing its mission through a multidisciplinary work team formed by four orientation techniques and two support units distributed throughout the Galician territory.

The main objectives of the service are: to provide employment guidance and promote the generation of employment in less developed economic sectors as an essential step for the autonomy of the plaintiffs and their integration into society; as well as, favoring the labor insertion of the unemployed through the creation of Personalized Insertion Itineraries (IPI’s).

To achieve these objectives, the orientation techniques direct their effort not only to carry out the tasks of information and guidance, but also the expansion, continuous improvement and consolidation of the Training and Employment department in both quality and quantity in order to respond to the recent labor demand.

In this effort for continuous improvement, the generation of the Orientation module on our website is framed as a work tool oriented towards the use and adaptation of new technologies and their possibilities aimed at optimizing existing resources for job search and at fostering benefits of the information society aimed at the collective of job seekers.

It is a fast and agile tool, which collects and selects all that labor and training information relevant to job search and collection techniques from various sources such as: websites of public entities, centers that manage training for unemployed people as for active workers, associations, job boards, search engines for job offers, press, job blogs, etc.




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