Prevention of occupational risks



This department, made up of Senior Technicians in Occupational Risk Prevention who are experts in the metal sector, offers the associate individualised advice on issues related to occupational safety.


A personalized attention is offered to the associate companies, by means of the solution of punctual doubts referring to the system of preventive management of the company and normative advising.


In addition, it serves as a documentation centre for all these regulations and carries out different activities aimed at implementing the numerous legal requirements.


ORP training is mandatory for all metal workers.

Do your training with Asime, a centre accredited by the Metal Foundation for Training (FMF).



In 2002, Asime created the Joint Prevention Service for the Galician Metal Industries (SPM). Since then, the service has helped associated companies to guarantee adequate health and safety protection for workers, advising and assisting the employer, workers and their representatives.


The SPM is specialized in preventive activities of Work, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Applied Psycho-sociology.


The Service supports companies in the definition of an organizational system to manage the Prevention of Occupational Risks in accordance with current legislation, carrying out an appropriate risk assessment, planning of activities and control and monitoring, as well as the implementation of emergency measures when necessary, and specific training for workers.


Currently there are more than 100 companies integrated in the SPM, which add up to more than 3,000 workers.


Prevention of occupational risks STUDIES and manuals

  • Instrución de seguridade traballos con risco eléctrico
  • Informe de análise da carga mental
  • Curso de riscos específicos do posto do tubeiro naval
  • Curso de riscos específicos do posto de soldador naval
  • Curso de riscos específicos do posto de eléctromecánico naval
  • Curso de riscos específicos do posto de carpinteiro-habilitador naval
  • Curso de riscos específicos do posto de caldeireiro naval



If you would like to access any of our reports listed below, please contact us via email to or by calling 986 411 504.

– Methods of capturing movements applied to the ergonomic evaluation of work posts in the metal sector.


– Instruction in handling loads with lifting equipment.


– Safety instructions for working with lifting platforms.


– Safety instructions for working with electric lifts.


– Integral preventive study.


– Study of accidents in associated companies.


– Specific study of exposure to noise from all work posts of the associated companies.


– Specific study of workplaces with risk of exposure to fragments or particles.


– Specific study of the level of compliance with the essential safety and health requirements in the machines and safety components of the companies.

– Specific study of activities with risk of explosion.


– Study of the safety conditions in both fixed and mobile electrical installations.


– Specific study of work at height.


– Specific study of the minimum safety and health regulations in working places in associated companies.


– Exposure to chemical agents in welding processes.


– Specific study of work positions with risk of exposure to fragments or particles.


– Previous study for the implementation in the company of the law 31/1995 of prevention of occupational risks.


– Procedure for the coordination of activities in the naval sector.


– Preliminary study to coordinate activities in the naval sector.


– Study of electrical risks in the naval sector.