Employment guidance and jobs


Employment guidance and jobs

At Asime we seek to promote employment in the metal sector, an industry with enormous growth prospects. Thus, we promote the training and specialization of workers to respond to the real needs of this sector, which often suffers from a lack of qualified personnel.


As part of our commitment to employment and talent, we provide labour advice and guidance, we support the generation of employment as an essential step for the autonomy of applicants and their integration into society; and we favour the labour insertion of the unemployed through the creation of Personalised Insertion Itineraries (IPIs).


In line with these objectives, we are a collaborating centre of the Galician Public Service of Employment, we promote labour insertion through our Integrated Employment Programme and we have a career hub to match potential candidates with personnel needs in our associated companies.


Are you looking for your first job or do you want to boost your career in the industrial sector?

Asime has a career hub where we put in contact professionals with companies to cover specific positions.



Asime’s Integrated Employment Program offers training, guidance and personalized labor intermediation in the areas of Vigo and Narón. It is an initiative subsidized by the Consellería de Emprego e Igualdade and the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, and has allowed Asime to train and guide more than 350 people in the last three years, achieving an average labor market insertion of more than 50%, through internships that, on many occasions, have resulted in employment contracts.

Through this program, training is offered on key aspects of industry in the areas of welding, forklifts, warehouse assistants and store assistants. In total, an average of 20 courses and 446 orientation sessions are given each year, including the management of 100 personalized job applications and constant training and employment support, with collaboration agreements and internships in more than 60 different companies.