Internationalization is a key factor in the process of diversification and growth of companies. For this reason, the Department of Foreign Trade of Asime is in charge of helping the associated companies in their presence abroad, providing support in different aspects such as logistics, fiscal and legal counselling, know-how on the ways of working in the different markets, etc.


In this way, the associates will be able to benefit from the following services provided by expert staff:


– Participation in conferences and training courses for the development of internationalization projects.

– Attendance at fairs and exhibitions of interest abroad.

– Advice on tax issues, international transport, trade and customs regimes, subsidies, etc.


Daily study of all funding opportunities and public grants, with an immediate, summarized and specific report to the associates.


Asime is in charge of informing its companies about the financing opportunities offered by the different public bodies. It also informs members of the subsidies they can apply for and the steps to follow in order to benefit from them.


We offer you our extensive experience in this field, as a good and reliable advice service can make the difference.


Article 18.1 of the LPRL states that the employer shall take appropriate measures to ensure that workers receive all necessary information regarding health and safety risks, prevention and protection measures, and emergency measures. To this end, Asime offers its members individualised advice on matters related to safety at work.


– Solving queries related to compliance with specific regulations on the prevention of occupational risks, the necessary training for carrying out work in the different sub-sectors, adaptation of protective equipment, etc.

– Dissemination of new legislation or case law on risk prevention and industrial safety.

– Search for solutions to daily problems in the field of health and safety.

– Access to Occupational safety and health (OSH) studies


The Legal Department provides support and legal advice in the development of the business activity.


– Negotiation, interpretation and advice regarding the different Collective Agreements of the metal sector at a Galician level.

– Salary updates and work schedules.

– Resolution of legal-administrative queries.

– Organisation of information sessions, conferences and seminars on labour legislation, corporate social responsibility