Collective negotiation


Collective negotiation

In addition to taking part in negotiations concerning specific agreements in sectorial activities, Asime plays a particularly important role as a representative of the business side that negotiates the Collective Labour Agreement for metal companies without their own agreement in the province of Pontevedra, and is also a signing member on the business side of the Joint Commission that signs the collective agreement.


Asime therefore plays an important role in defining the rules governing labour relations between employers and workers in the metal sector, seeking to preserve stability in the labour and competition framework and having full capacity to settle any dispute and interpretation that may arise in the regulatory field of the Agreement.


Asime also actively participates in various round tables, working groups and social dialogue in Galicia, including the automotive, metalworking and transport sector and the naval, maritime and marine energy sector. They deal with aspects such as employment, labour relations, business competitiveness, innovation, etc.