Renewable energies such as offshore wind power are one of the industrial activities with the greatest future projection and with greater business opportunities for the Galician metal industry.


The Galician metal sector has a great know-how in the construction industry, ship repair, onshore wind energy and the offshore industry (oil platforms, drillships, support vessels and process modules).


In Galicia there are five major port infrastructures, which serve as a basis for opening up the region to the world. Galician shipyards can contribute to the manufacture and export of machine support structures, wind turbines and offshore electrical substations installed for Northern European offshore wind energy projects. The lower manufacturing costs compensate for the greater distance to the wind farms from local shipyards, and therefore ensure the competitiveness of the Galician offer.


On the other hand, the first floating wind farm prototypes are beginning to appear on the Atlantic and Cantabrian coasts and Asime is working to promote floating wind farms on the Galician coast too. For these projects, the Galician ports and shipyards can be set up as construction centres and at the same time as operations and logistics hubs for offshore wind energy facilities to carry out the pre-assembly of floating units, mooring of the installation ships and transport of the turbines and other elements for offshore wind farms.


225 companies with the capacity to develop onshore and offshore projects are part of Asime

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Galician Offshore Energy group

The Galician Offshore Energy Group (GOE) was founded by Asime in 2013 to boost the offshore wind sector and identify opportunities, market expectations and joint actions.


Currently, 40 companies are part of the GOE, which show the capacity of the Galician industry for the construction of the mills as such, as well as the construction and conversion of ships for exploration, drilling, installation and maintenance of offshore fields, the production and transport system, or design and engineering.


The GOE is a key agent of dynamization of the offshore sector, organizing the Galician Offshore International HUB, which brings together every year in Ferrol more than 300 companies to discuss the future and potential of this industry.


Asime-GOE is a member of Wind Europe, one of the biggest promoters of wind energy in Europe, through which Galician companies participate in key events and networking opportunities at European level. 

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