Aeronautics and aerospace


Aeronautics and aerospace

The Galician aeronautical and aerospace industry has enormous potential and consolidated experience over the last decade, in which more than 30 Galician companies have worked directly for large manufacturers or suppliers of the highest international level. Galicia has guaranteed contracts for the coming years, accumulating an investment of more than €112 million in the last four years.



Galician aeronautics closed 2021 with 87 million in turnover (an annual growth of 2%) and more than 1,200 workers. One of its main strengths is its international expansion: in 2019, Galicia’s aeronautical exports increased by more than 70% compared to the previous year, and imports fell by 82.35%. Moreover, Galicia is positioning itself as hub for the drone segment thanks to its Civil UAVS Initiative. 



This industry supplies engineering, components and tooling for the main commercial programs of the five largest aircraft manufacturers in the world: the European consortium Airbus, in first place, followed by the American Boeing, with projects already for the future 797; the Brazilian Embraer, the Canadian Bombardier and, more recently, the Chinese state giant Comac.



Within its activities and processes, the Galician companies are specialized in engineering (product design and structural calculation), mass production of carbon fiber (lay-up, curing and inspection), design and production of aeronautical tools, and machining of materials as diverse and innovative as titanium or honeycomb.

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Galician Aeronautics Consortium

The Galician Aeronautical Consortium (CAG) is the lung of the sector in Galicia. Created in 2007 with the support of Asime, it groups more than 30 members, including companies, universities and technology centers that are leaders in the aeronautical and aerospace sector.


This whole business and institutional conglomerate forms the technological vanguard of Galicia, bringing together several regular suppliers of the main Spanish and European TIER 1, as well as aerospace agencies such as ESA or NASA.

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