Previous Studies

If you would like access to any of the studies listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to or calling 986 411 504.

  • Methods of capture of movements applied to ergonomic evaluation of working posts in the metallurgy sector.
  • Instructions for handling loads with lifting equipment.
  • Safety instructions for working with personal lifting platforms.
  • Safety instructions for work with electric cliffs.
  • Preventive integral study.
  • Study of claims in associated companies.
  • Specific study of exposure to noise from work posts of associated companies.
  • Specific study of work posts with risk of exposure to fragments or particles.
  • Specific study of activities with an explosion risk.
  • – Study of the safety conditions in both fixed and mobile electrical installations.
  • Specific study of work at height.
  • Specific study of the minimum safety and health provisions in the workplaces of the associated companies.
  • Exposure to chemicals in welding processes.
  • Specific study of working posts with risk of exposure to fragments or particles.
  • Preliminary study for the implantation in the company of the law 31/1995 of prevention of risks at work.
  • Procedure for the coordination of naval sector activities.
  • Previous study of coordination of activities in the naval sector.
  • Study of electrical cliffs not in the naval sector.
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