Prevention of Occupational Risks

Since 2001, the Department has collaborated with the Regional Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry in imposing a quality policy in preventing occupational risks in companies in the sector.

This department, made up of Higher Technicians in Occupational Risk Prevention who are experts in the metallurgical sector, offers our associates individualised advice on matters related to occupational safety.

As in previous years, the prevention department has continued to provide personalised attention to member companies by resolving specific doubts about the company’s preventive management system and regulatory advice.

The department also carries out an important informative work on the legislative or jurisprudential novelties in the subject of risk prevention and industrial safety. It also serves as a documentation centre for all these rules and carries out different activities aimed at fulfilling the many legal requirements.

The training actions in health and safety have once again been one of the aspects in which most work has been done. Numerous queries have been resolved about the training needed to carry out work in the different sectors and with regard to the needs of companies in terms of approvals.

We have not forgotten the field of industrial safety, with this discipline being the axis through which we structure our work, with the continuous search for solutions to the daily problems of our companies in matters of health and safety and through the work tables in which we take part and which serve as a forum for debate on the subject.

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