Government Bodies

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of the Association and is made up of all the members who are up-to-date with the payment of their dues and/or contributions, and who have fulfilled the rest of their obligations to the Association.

The Board of Directors is in charge of the direction, government and administration of the Association, which is elected in the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors appoints, in turn, the members of the Executive Committee which is the executing body of the agreements and decisions adopted for the normal functioning of the Association. Currently the Board of Directors is composed of the following members:

  • Justo Sierra Rey
    Justo Sierra Rey President

    URO Vehículos Especiales, S.A.

  • Rafael Outeiral Graña
    Rafael Outeiral Graña Vice President

    Nodosa, S.L.

  • Alfredo Jorge Días Razoes
    Alfredo Jorge Días Razoes Secretary

    Hispamoldes, S.A.

  • Silvia Blanco Espiñeira
    Silvia Blanco Espiñeira Treasurer

    Precisgal Utillaje, S.L.

  • Rebeca Acebrón San Miguel
    Rebeca Acebrón San Miguel Member

    Mecanizados Acebrón, S.L

  • Julio Comesaña Italiani
    Julio Comesaña Italiani Member


  • Francisco Javier Currás Martínez
    Francisco Javier Currás Martínez Member

    Cie Galfor, S.A.

  • Patricio Fernández Goberna
    Patricio Fernández Goberna Member

    Industrias Ferri, S.A.

  • Alberto Fernández Lozano
    Alberto Fernández Lozano Member

    Dinain, S.L.

  • Julio Gómez Rodríguez
    Julio Gómez Rodríguez Member

    Viguesa de Calderería, S.A.

  • Cándido González Lorenzo
    Cándido González Lorenzo Member

    Talleres Ganomagoga, S.L

  • Rosalino López Castro
    Rosalino López Castro Member

    Pipeworks, S.L.

  • Javier Martínez López
    Javier Martínez López Member

    Seixas Invest, S.L.

  • Luis López Fulgueira
    Luis López Fulgueira Member

    Industrial Recense, S.L.

  • Jesús Sánchez González
    Jesús Sánchez González Member

    Prefabricados Monforte, S.L.

  • María Asunción García Bernárdez
    María Asunción García Bernárdez Member

    Estudios e Instalaciones de Galicia, S.L.

  • José Antonio Camblor García
    José Antonio Camblor García Member

    TYM Ganain, S.L.U.

  • Miguel Ángel González Burés
    Miguel Ángel González Burés Member

    Europrecis Galicia, S.L.

  • Raquel Lago Rodríguez
    Raquel Lago Rodríguez Member

    Equipos Lagos S.A.

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