The purposes of ASIME are the management, defence and coordination of the common interests of our members.

To this end, the Association has powers and acts in the following areas:

  • Relationship with the Administration and Official Bodies and representation of members.
  • Promotion of cooperation and fair coexistence among the businessmen of the sector.
  • Defence of the interests of our members in the professional, economic, technological and commercial order; with ASIME being able to encourage and participate in the promotion and creation of institutions for commercial, industrial and technical purposes.
  • Intervention and participation in collective bargaining at sector level and in labour relations in general.
  • Advice on labour and environmental matters, occupational risk prevention and any other area of interest for associated companies.
  • Promotion of actions for preventing occupational risks and health at work, quality, the environment, corporate responsibility or business internationalisation.
  • Promotion, promotion and execution of foreign trade actions that contribute to the international expansion of the Galician metallurgical sector.
  • Collaboration in R+D+i and competitiveness projects carried out both by the Association itself and by other entities.
  • Promotion, organisation, programming and / or delivery of training courses.
  • Service of documentation centre for its members and centre of reception and emission of information of our associates, compiling statistical data and/or elaborating studies that are of interest to them.
  • Other analogous matters  we consider necessary or convenient for fulfilling the purposes and defence of the legitimate interests of our members
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