Graduates and Technicians in Business Administration make up this team which is responsible for the internal administration required by the activity of the Association, including the preparation of the Association’s accounts and budget in collaboration with the Secretary General.

Laura Rodríguez
Alejandra Martínez
Paloma Otero


The Quality and Environment Department advises and raises awareness among companies on environmental matters, and also serves as a documentation and dissemination centre for new legislation in this area.


It also advises on the procedures and requirements needed to obtain environmental authorisations, registration in the register of waste producers and managers in Galicia, waste collection and transport, etc.


From Asime we provide agile and personalized advice to the associated companies during the whole process of internationalization. To this end, this department prepares reports on foreign markets of interest and organises group participation in national and international trade fairs and commercial visits to target countries.


In addition, this department frequently holds conferences where issues related to foreign trade are discussed and the aim is to serve as a meeting point for the metal industries to draw up joint strategies for access to more and more countries.

Jennifer González
Nerea Urrutia
Rebeca Gil


Based on joint negotiation, competitive benefits are sought for the associates in:


– Insurance premiums

– Power Purchase

– Fuels

– Other supplies


The negotiation held for the electricity supply of our associates in 2010 was the first initiative in this sense, achieving since then important savings and advantages in other types of supplies.

Vanessa Huertas


Asime seeks a fluid and effective communication between the Association and its members. To this end, it sends information circulars, a daily press bulletin and newsletters and it also offers advice to companies on media relations, advertising and image campaigns.


This department is also responsible for promoting the Association among the general public and other entities of interest by disseminating activities through its website and social networks (Twitter, Linkedln, Facebook and Youtube), the Association’s annual report and other graphic materials and publications.


Public relations activities are carried out with different institutions and organizations and a careful press work is developed by this deparment, which maintains fluid and constant relations with the media.

Lorena Riveiro
Diego Neira


Asime seeks to promote labour integration in an industry with enormous growth prospects, while promoting training and specialization of workers to meet the needs of a sector that often suffers from lack of qualified workers.

Asime is a collaborating centre of the Public Employment Service of Galicia, and has a career hub that helps its associated companies to cover their personnel needs.


Likewise, through its Integrated Employment Programmes, Asime offers specific training and labour integration for unemployed people and vulnerable groups.


With its training offer, quality training is provided to active and unemployed workers in the Galician metal sector, so that they can respond to the needs of productivity and competitiveness of companies, while enhancing their own employability.


In order to respond to the specific needs of professionals who lead and manage companies in the sector, Asime also offers specific training to managers and middle managers in the industrial sector through the Industrial Development Institute IDE Asime.

Lorena González
Emma González
Alejandro Sánchez
Ana Niebla
Cruz Refojos
Beatriz Segade
Noelia Liboreiro
Paula Barreiro


Asime has a Legal Department specialised in Labour and Commercial Law, and provides support in Tax, Civil, Criminal, Social Security, Environmental and International Trade Law, through its own staff and with the support and collaboration of external firms.


It is worth mentioning the work that this Department carries out in the negotiation, interpretation and advice regarding the different Collective Agreements applicable in the metal sector at a Galician level, being an active part in the drafting of the Collective Agreement of the province of Pontevedra. All this is possible thanks to the permanent contact with the rest of social agents.


Likewise, from the Legal Department, the Association punctually informs its associated companies of the latest legislative changes through conferences and events, and it publishes salary updates, labour calendars and other relevant news.

Helena Mariño


This department, made up of Senior Technicians in Occupational Risk Prevention who are experts in the metal sector, offers the associate individualised advice on issues related to occupational safety.


A personalized attention is offered to the associate companies, solving all doubts referring to the preventive management system of the company and relevant laws.


In addition, it serves as a documentation centre for all these regulations and carries out different activities aimed at implementing the numerous legal requirements.


The specific training on Occupational safety and health (OSH) also offers the necessary basis for working in the different sectors and the legal homologation required for companies.

Purificación Martínez
Jose Cobián
David Lagoa
Noa Sotelino


We offer our associated companies a professional projects and innovation department, which aims to promote, advise, encourage, prepare and submit proposals, especially those related to the implementation of technologies of the Industry 4.0 and innovative solutions that help companies to be more competitive in the market.


Our team offers a technical, financial and administrative management service for the implementation of the proyects. In addition, it is responsible for monitoring, evaluation, communication and assist in auditing. The projects, constituted individually or in collaboration, can be financed with public, national or European funds.

María Campos


This Department, besides attending and advising the associates regarding information and communication technologies as a way to improve their competitiveness, provides services such as:


– Maintenance of a complete data base of the whole Galician metal industry, with detailed information, in the case of the associates, of their products and services to facilitate the commercialization of the same ones.

– Advice on enabling technologies.

– Maintenance of the Association’s website, ensuring that the information available is constantly updated.

– Attention to queries from members on issues such as hiring service providers, domain registration, email management, latest web technologies, etc.

– Management of the internal server of ASIME’s staff