Administration, Economic-financial

This department has several Graduates and Technicians in Business Administration, in the different offices. This team is in charge of the internal administration needed for the Association’s activity; it prepares the accounts and draws up the Association’s budget in collaboration with the Secretary General.

These roles are carried out always ensuring the correctness and legitimacy of the operations. As a result, we have a favourable report from PriceWaterhouseCoopers in every financial year.

Quality and Environment

The Quality and Environment Department advises and raises awareness among companies on environmental matters, responding to all queries made in this regard by associated companies.

The department also serves as a centre for documentation and distribution of new environmental legislation. The information to the associated companies is transmitted both through circulars and through the Webpage.

Advice is also given on the procedures and requirements for getting environmental permits, registration in the register of producers and managers of waste in Galicia, collection and transport of waste, and so on.

It also ensures the proper functioning of ASIME’s quality, environmental and occupational risk prevention management systems.

Foreign Trade and International Relations

The Department of Foreign Trade and International Relations of ASIME supports the associated companies in their internationalisation by providing agile and personalised advice.

Among the roles of this Department are preparing reports on interesting foreign markets, market studies, analysis of regulations and legislation, financing, taxation, credit insurance, business opportunities, trade policy, community, statistics and customs logistics and so on.

The Department also organises participation in trade fairs of interest to the sector, trade visits and market research missions in target countries.

In addition, several conferences are held, which address issues related to foreign trade in its most operational aspect and in which important authorities from the main target countries are attracted to expose, first-hand, the existing business opportunities for associated companies.

This Department maintains its commitment to supporting the needs and projects raised by the companies and tries to serve as a meeting point for the metallurgical industries to elaborate joint strategies to access more and more countries. The final objective is to improve competitiveness and increase the volume of business for Galicia, through an optimal allocation of resources abroad.

Purchases and Supplies

The purchasing and procurement department relies on joint negotiation to achieve competitive benefits for associates:

  • Insurance premiums
  • Purchase of energy
  • Fuels
  • Other supplies

ASIME continues to bet on such an important issue for our associates as cost reduction, and therefore, has a specific Purchasing and Procurement Department for the joint negotiation of some of their supplies. The negotiation held for the electricity supply of our associates in 2010 was the first initiative in this sense, achieving significant savings since then, and having now extended these advantages to other types of supplies. Among them is the agreement reached with one of the main national oil companies for the supply of fuel or the agreement signed with an insurance company to get affordable insurance premiums on the compulsory insurances reflected in the metal collective agreement.

Communication and Public Relations

This department has graduates in Advertising and Public Relations, and is responsible for ensuring communication between the Association and its members. Thus, it keeps the website punctually updated and sends circulars with information of interest to the sector, such as the news bulletin that is published daily.

This department also coordinates the social networks of ASIME (Twitter, Linkedln, Facebook and Youtube), which inform the public about the activities of the Association and help to establish new relationships with other companies in the metallurgical sector, while preserving and strengthening existing relationships with institutions and associated companies.

This direct communication to members is complemented by the work that the organisation does through the media to publicise the activities and projects of ASIME to the public, projecting the importance of its contribution to economic and social development.

Similarly, this department advises companies on the relationship with the media, advertising campaigns and image treatment, and is responsible for the management and editing of the annual report of the Association and other presentation materials of the entity.

Formation and Labour Orientation

This department is responsible for managing training and qualification courses, as well as implementing various initiatives supporting employment and labour insertion.

The Association also has a Management Development Area, which emerges as a high-level service, aimed at entrepreneurs, managers and company managers to improve their training, qualification and specialisation.

Within the framework of employment improvement, during 2017 this department carried out more than half a thousand job orientation interviews with job seekers to improve their professional qualifications and employability. This face-to-face work was complemented with spreading job offers and other information of interest through the regularly-updated employment portal..

Through the State Training Plan, ASIME started a series of training actions for metal sector workers in 2017, which were continued to be developed throughout 2018, with the aim of improving the qualification of professionals in the sector.

ASIME is registered, through the National Employment System, as a Placement Agency with the identification number 1200000072. This Employment Agency has a twofold objective: on the one hand, to provide professionals with access to a job suited to their characteristics and, on the other hand, to provide companies with the most appropriate profiles to meet their needs.

In the same way, and with the aim of continuing to bet on training, ASIME is also registered as a company that organises and subsidises training actions for companies. Informing on the amount that is deductible from Social Security contributions. This allows all companies to have access to training, so that their workers can update or improve their skills and professional training.

ASIME is a collaborating centre of the “Servicio Público de Emprego de Galicia (SPEG)” and registers its functions of labour orientation within the activities of the training, orientation and employment department of the entity. This department carries out all activities aimed at promoting the colocation of unemployed people, managing their needs and improving their skills and employability.

The main objectives of the service are: to provide labour advice and guidance, to encourage and promote the generation of employment in less developed economic sectors as an essential step for the autonomy of the demanders and their integration into society; as well as, to favour the labour insertion of the unemployed by creating Personalised Insertion Itineraries (PII’s).

ASIME has an employment exchange to provide service to our associates when it comes to covering staffing needs. This job bank is available to all applicants, who promote their candidacy to carry out labour intermediation tasks and generate real opportunities for insertion in accordance with their professional profile and labour objectives. Registration is carried out through the website, where updated information on the offers managed is also spread.

ASIME, will develop throughout the period 2018-19 the Integrated Programme of Galicia, subsidised by the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Xunta de Galicia and the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Social Security, which will train 100 people in the metallurgical sector, and aims to insert at least 45% of participants.

The main lines of training that will be dealt with within the metallurgical sector are:

  • Welding
  • Industrial Tubing
  • Interpretation of plans
  • Manufacture and assembly of metal structures
  • Surface treatments
  • Auxiliary storage operations
  • Forklift driver
  • Maintenance

The beneficiaries of this programme are people belonging to the following groups:

  • Unemployed people over 45 years old.
  • Unemployed people with disabilities.
  • Unemployed people under the age of 30 with low qualifications.
  • Qualified unemployed people under 30 years old.
  • Unemployed people receiving benefits, unemployment subsidies or active insertion income.


ASIME has lawyers specialised in Labour Law, Commercial Law, Tax Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Social Security, Environmental Law, Foreign Trade and International Commercial Relations.

The Legal Department also has the support of external offices for resolving certain queries, especially in tax, fiscal and mercantile matters.

Special mention should be made of the work carried out by this Department in negotiating, interpreting and advising on the different Collective Bargaining Agreements in the metallurgical sector at Galician level, with ASIME being an active party in drafting the Pontevedra Province Bargaining Agreement, signed in July 2017. Therefore, direct and constant communication is maintained with the negotiators and their respective Joint Commissions.

Because of this constant communication, salary updates, work calendars and all kinds of novelties arising from collective bargaining in the sector are published periodically.

In addition, the Legal Department provides timely information on new legislation. In terms of volume, it is worth highlighting the new developments in employment and information on aid and subsidies of interest to members, with objectives ranging from bonuses to contracting, to aid in acquiring new productive assets.

During 2017 there have also been many consultations arising from the Supreme Court ruling of 20th April 2017, which contradicted the National High Court the previous year. It established a new case law by which the duty of companies to keep a daily record of hours, only applies when overtime is performed.

Thus, among these and many other issues of interest, during the year 2017 this department resolved more than 550 queries in different areas.

In addition, the department organised information sessions, conferences and seminars on new legislation and other matters of interest, such as the registration of the working day or the now traditional conferences on Labour Law and Social Security in ASIME.

Prevention of Occupational Risks

Since 2001, the Department has collaborated with the Regional Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry in imposing a quality policy in preventing occupational risks in companies in the sector.

This department, made up of Higher Technicians in Occupational Risk Prevention who are experts in the metallurgical sector, offers our associates individualised advice on matters related to occupational safety.

As in previous years, the prevention department has continued to provide personalised attention to member companies by resolving specific doubts about the company’s preventive management system and regulatory advice.

The department also carries out an important informative work on the legislative or jurisprudential novelties in the subject of risk prevention and industrial safety. It also serves as a documentation centre for all these rules and carries out different activities aimed at fulfilling the many legal requirements.

The training actions in health and safety have once again been one of the aspects in which most work has been done. Numerous queries have been resolved about the training needed to carry out work in the different sectors and with regard to the needs of companies in terms of approvals.

We have not forgotten the field of industrial safety, with this discipline being the axis through which we structure our work, with the continuous search for solutions to the daily problems of our companies in matters of health and safety and through the work tables in which we take part and which serve as a forum for debate on the subject.

Projects and Innovation

The mission of the Projects and Innovation Department is to promote, advise, prepare and present projects of various kinds, with special attention to those related to Industry 4.0 and innovative solutions.

These projects may be constituted individually or in collaboration and may be financed with public, national or European funds. In addition, the team offers management services to carry out the project, performing the following roles: technical, financial and administrative management, monitoring, evaluation, communication and help in auditing.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

This Department, besides attending and advising our associates on the technologies of information and communications as a way to improve their competitiveness, provides services such as:

  • Maintenance of a complete database of all the Galician metallurgical industry, with detailed information, in the case of our associates, of their products and services to simplify their commercialisation.
  • Advice on enabling technologies.
  • Maintenance of the Association’s website, ensuring the constant updating of its information.
  • Attending consultations from our associates on subjects like contracting service providers, registry of domain, management of electronic mail, latest technologies Web, etc.
  • Management of the internal interconnection of ASIME personnel.
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